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Top Tips & Hacks for Party Makeup

Halloween Party Makeup
You're planning a party and you have your outfit ready... but what about the makeup? Working with professional dancers and in the film industry for over 10 years we have collected some great tips for you to get your makeup perfect, let is stay all night and make it easy to remove at the end of it.

1) Product Selection

You do not have to spend a fortune on makeup to get a realistic look. Most products can be bought at a regular store, without the need to purchase party-specific items which can be very overpriced. However if you are looking for full-on mask effect, face paint may be the right way to go.

If you are not going down the facepaint look, opt for a teen line of makeup such as Miss Sporty or Claire's which will give you a variety of colours and will not be too expensive. For Halloween for example, you will need: palest foundation you can find, khol eye pencil for lips and eyes, grey powder, black eyeshodow, dry shampoo, hairspray, fake blood.

2) Prime Your Face

The one main issue with makeup is making it last all night without it turning into a hot sweaty mess. The best way to prevent this is to prepare your face before you plaster on the makeup. Three ESSENTIAL STEPS:

  • Deodorant. WHAT!? Yes, apply a little stick deodorant with your finger on your upper lip, chin and forehead. This will stop your face from sweating under the heavy makeup, especially if you are dancing all night
  • Primer. Applying a primer will help to set a base for your makeup and make sure that it stays on all night and not slide down your face and protect it from harsher products.
  • Powder. Think of powder like the hairspray for your face, except you put it on just before applying makeup. A tiny dab of powder will fix your makeup on for the entire night.
Stage Makeup Hacks

3) Tips to Apply

Halloween Party Makeup
If it's the first time you're applied this makeup, the best thing is to quickly Google the name of the theme + makeup (eg. Zombie Makeup) to get some inspiration. If you're really looking to go full out then you will probably need to find a Youtube tutorial for a step-by-step guide. Otherwise, follow these steps to get the most out of what you have:
  • Use your fingers to give a smudge effect. If you're doing dark / sunken eye effect you will need to rub black eyeshadow around and under the eye
  • Contrasts make your makeup more visible. If you are looking for your makeup to really POP, make sure you first use a very pale foundation or powder to really increase the contrast with the darker or colourful features.
  • If using fake blood, dab the gel with your finger to give a realisitc effect
  • If you're doing lips, use a pencil first, If you are doing down the Zombie / halloween look you can use black khol eye pencil for the lips
  • Use black eyeliner paste or get to blacken your teeth
  • If you use fake eyelashes, don't go cheap on the glue. Cheap glue can give you eye irritation or leave the eyelashes hanging off your eyelid.

4) Style Your Hair

Hairspray and gel is not the only way to get your hair into the shape you need (whether it's messy or perfectly pruned). One of our favourite hacks is using dry shampoo, as it adds texture, lift, makes it easy to style or tease without leaving you with a rock-hard helmet or a uni-dreadlock at the end of the night which will leave you screaming in pain while you try to un-knot.

Put your head down and give it a big spray before you style it. Go for classic if you want to make your hair look grays, without brushing it out. Go for brunette / blonde etc colours if you are looking for a natural look. When you're finished you can then apply a thin cloud of hairspray to jeep it all in place.
Stage Makeup Hacks

5) Removing Your Makeup

Makeup Removal Hacks

If makeup is a regular ritual (if you are in a film, play, performance of any kind on a regular basis) then we suggest replacing baby oil with virgin coconut oil. This is one of the best things to apply to your skin, and better than most expensive moisturizers.

Instead of cleaning the excess with a baby wipe, you can instead opt to use distilled rose water on a cotton pad, even after you washed your face. It will naturally get rid of any chemicals or hardness in the water that will block your pores and tighten your skin.

It's the end of the night and you're dreading having to scrape all that makeup off. Usually, you use makeup remover, soap or water, take about 20minutes and leave your bathroom looking a mess and your face has a layer of skin peeled off. Sound familiar? Luckily there is a great hack for this too. You will need:

  • Baby wipes
  • Baby oil
  • Rose water (distilled)

Oil attracts oil and is the only substance that can easily dissolve makeup. Using babywipes which are more resistant and delicate than cotton pads (and are also larger), splash some baby oil generously on them and GENTLY rub off makeup in circular motion (not rubbing furiously up and down!). 

If you use enough baby oil the makeup will slide off easily and leave your face nice and soft. Give a final wipe with a normal baby wipe to get of the oil so you are fresh and ready to go, even if there is no sink in sight!

Makeup Removal Hacks