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Line Dancing Party in St. Albans!

Bride to be Claire had picked Line Dancing for her hens, and they all arrived in St Albans on Saturday 15th, with checked shirts and glittery cowboy hats! We started off with The Electric Slide to introduce all of the hens to Line dancing. They did so well on their first attempt that we changed the music and did it to twice the speed. Then it was time to start the main routine. Bridesmaid Jen had picked Cotton Eye Joe which turned out to be a great choice as Claire said it would definitely be played at the wedding... No pressure ladies but you'd best perform the dance on the big day!

Claire turned out to have a dance background so she picked up the steps in no time and was a brilliant leader for her Cowgirl Posse. Throughout the routine, I gave an easy option and a hard option - and I'm proud to say that lots of the hens nailed the hard option! Yee-ha! After all the whipping and lassoo-ing the hens definitely deserved to be heading off for some dinner and drinks!

Well done ladies!

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