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Line Dancing Hen Party: a Popular Choice

"I am 24 and a professional singer/dancer/actress. I have toured the country in shows and also performed on world cruises. I am soon to be heading off on tour with Shrek the musical playing the ugly duckling.

I also have a huge passion for teaching whether it be a 4 year old or a 40 year old, as long as people are dancing and enjoying themselves then I am happy. I worked for Dance Party Central teaching a hen party of roughly 20 ladies of all ages and abilities. Their chosen style of Dance was Line Dancing and the chosen track "Hillbilly Rock"

I choreographed a fun piece that was simple yet still captured the essence and feel of the deep southern traditional style of dancing. Some parts I had to simplify, however I did this out of choice because I wanted the ladies to be entirely happy with their routine and make it easy for them to remember.. and they all seemed very happy with this decision!

What I found so rewarding was that although the women were of all ages, they all seemed to enjoy the routine equally and were all capable of learning the choreography. After all a Hen party should be a fun and memorable experience in which you treasure for the rest of your married life and I am happy to say that I en-captured that effect." by Mia Lincoln

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