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Cheerleading Hen Party

Amona, a very good cheerleading teacher at DPC, went to NW London to do a cheerleading workshop for a hen party! She got there, being welcomed by 10 lovely girls. She introduced herself and told them what's going to happen right now. The hen Tal had no idea and was super surprised. She loved the blue Pom poms she brought because it is her favourite colour! They started of with some basic cheer motions, once they were comfortable with it she added the cheer chant that was prepared beforehand, personalised for the hen Tal! After that they even did a thigh stunt with the hen being on top! Well done to the girls! After a little break Amona started to teach them a cheer routine, the girls were really motives and had a good laugh the whole time. As the hen is a big Robbie Williams fan they first did the routine to his song "candy". After that she gave them a challenge to do the same routine to "hey mickie" by Lollie, the girls loved the song so much! In the end they had a super recording included end position with thigh stunt! We believe the girls had a fun time and it fit perfectly in their day!

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