@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

Have you ever experienced a dance flash-mob?

Have your team reached a goal?! Do you need something to motivate your emplyees for something that they succeed? Well....why don't you try to cheer them up with a dance flash-mob?

This is what has done our last client: Ingram Micro Uk! Their Sales team had reacher an important goal so they hired us to give them a cheer on the day by performing a brilliant dance flash-mob!

We went all the way to Milton Keynes, where they have the head office, and in the middle of their afternoon we just jumped in the office ( whilst everyone was working hard!!!) and we performed a lovely 80's routine on "the only was is Up" Yazz! Great track....great fun and at the end of it everyone was really impressed and shocked by what has just happaned! We could hear on the way out " what has just happned....amazingggg!

Well done to us and happy to have made your day guys!

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