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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

"I wanna dance with somebody"

It was an 80s themed dance class for Anna and her hens today!! They all arrived in Got to Dance tshirts, looking like a proper dance troupe. We started off with my fun partnering game, Flirty disco, to get used to all the jumping around and dancing with a partner that would make an appearance in the final routine. We negotiated the long, narrow studio to spin our partners and find new ones, all in time to the music of course. We then fully warmed up with a Mr. Motivator style 80s aerobics routine - was getting rather sweaty - thank god we weren't all wearing Lycra! Then it was off on a tour of the most renowned movers and shakers of the 80s, as we gave these pop icons moves a go. We had the running man and wobbly knees a la MC Hammer, moonwalking and hip thrusting like Michael Jackson and bouncing around, flicking our hair as Madonna - with my favourite 'galloping squirrel' move thrown in which proved rather hilarious. After all that fiddly footwork and jumping about we had a quick fan break to cool off. Now it was time to learn our final routine, to the classic sing along song 'I wanna dance with somebody' by Whitney Houston - and these ladies could really sing! They mastered the intro and verse steps with ease - lots of finger clicking, grapevining and arm swinging. The tricky flick ball change for the bridge took a little longer but we got there and the energy was kept up throughout the chorus of swivels, jumps and PIVOTs (as Ross might say). We finally came back to our partners to 'dance with somebody' in the instrumental part of the song before some great freestyling (including he running man) finished off the number. The bride-to-be and maid of honour performed the routine as a duet with a chorus of fiancé masked dancers backing them up, all caught on camera for post-wedding laughs. Well done ladies for getting stuck in and sweating it out!

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