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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

Belly dance Birthday Great Fun!

What's the best way to start a big birthday weekend for the beautiful confident young women?Of course a Belly dance party!

When I found out about this party I was so delighted and straight away had an idea - there was no doubt that presence of Shakira would be ideal; just with her songs and the way of dancing would excite everyone. But I decided to keep it as a surprise until all required for "Shakira appearance" moves learnt by amazing birthday girl and her friends.

For our party we had a special dress code - everyone was wearing coin belts for mood and excitement. We started with gentle warm up and then we leant strong hip movements following by alluring arms and snaky hips moves. There was a lot of giggling and everyone was having such a great time. We shimmied and snaked our whole body and then the moment came! "Whenever Whatever" and there were not 1 but 7 Shakiras and a little Shakira :) Everyone'd done so well and we had so much fun that it was a little bit sad when the party came to the end. But I'm sure that after awakening Shakira inside, it is hard to stop Belly dancing. So the birthday girl and the party carried on shimmying to the restaurant for a nice meal afterwards.

What's an amazing time!

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