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A good hoe-down party!

The ladies of Tracey's hen party arrived dressed for the occasion in their check shirts, jeans, boots and cowboy hats, I was sure they weren't afraid of a good hoe-down. We started off with a fun game of flirty cowgirl, switching partners between each dance and causing a lot of confusion but also plenty of laughter. Then we got our grapevine on, learning the Electric slide line dance, which the girls picked up in no time so we added in extra claps, turning grapevines and yee-hahs to give them more of a challenge. A quick break for drinks and nibbles before learning the Western Barn Dance, first just in pairs, concentrating on the tricky sequence of steps as you tap feet with your partner whilst walking, before attempting the same moves in a circle, swapping partners at the end of each repetition. This worked a treat and we danced to the end of the song with lots of giggles and very few mistakes. Then we cranked it up a notch, spinning each other round and round as we stripped-the-willow to 'Cotton Eye Joe' remembering to give your right elbow to your partner, your left elbow to the dancers down the line - whilst also trying to remember if y ou were a man or a woman (determining which line you went down). Another quick break as it was getting rather hot by this time. Then it was time to learn a full routine to 'Save a horse, ride a cowboy' with lots of lassoing, galloping, grapevines and toe-taps to fit with the lyrics to comedic effect. We even added line switches and another version of stripping the willow for the instrumental section. We performed the routine from beginning to end and filmed it. Tracey was particularly good at free styling with her pink feather bower. We had 10minutes left for a photo shoot with our hats and new found cowgirl charisma. Ladies, i had a blast teaching you and I hope you had a fabulous Texas grill afterwards, you deserved it!

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