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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

Kids Party full of Pizza & Dance!

This was a very energetic birthday party for 5 year old Lydia, who was a great DJ as well as dancer. As the young guests arrived we wrote out name badges and had a freestyle boogy on the empty dance floor. It soon filled up and we began with some old-fashioned Hokey Kokey. With a good mix of boys and girls we played a game of Grandmas footsteps, which the speedy boys were particularly good at. Then we did lots more creative dancing to some Disney tracks and played a great game of musical statues, with Lydia testing her guests ability to freeze mid-dance move! The star of the party was the infamous Duck, duck, goose game where the chosen goose has to chase the player around the circle. There was great support for the race runners as we sat waiting for our turn to be picked. Then there was a break for a fantastic Italian feast of pizza and pasta before more freestyle dancing, musical bumps and a game of limbo that turned into a conga line - there were that many participants! Time to serenade the birthday girl as she blew out the candles on her 5 little cakes before home time.

Everyone was exhausted after all that dancing!

Categories: Childrens Party, Birthday Party, Dance Party


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