@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

You can't go wrong with Beyo!

Today's Hen party was a Hip Hop dance routine and the chosen music was Baby Boy by can't go wrong with Beyo!

The Hen and her friends were absolutely fantastic, they took on the challenge, they channeled their inner Beyonce's and threw their best moves on the lounge room floor! I started the session with a gentle warm up followed by a stretch and than we went straight into the choreography. The mother of the hen decided to take pictures and enjoy the show while the ladies twerked, bounced, laughed, sang and sipped prosecco in their breaks to cool themselves off.

Time flew quickly (has it does whilst having a good time). The ladies were really happy with the Dance Party session and could not thank me enough for it ,which made my night since that was the main aim of the event.

Well done ladies :-)

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