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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

LISA is 7!

I had an absolutely great time taking this cheer party in North London, we all had such a great time!

This time we had just over a dozen seven years olds, for Lilas Birthday. We started of with a warm up, some cardio pom pom moves to get the pulse rate up, then we did some stretching.

We then started to learn the routine I had prepared to 'Cheerleader - OMI' staring Lila. It incorporated some pom motions, some basic stunting, moving motions to different formations and some tumbling from Lila as she had a gymnastic background, and we wanted to show off her moves!

After we had spend about 45 minutes learning the routine, we took a break and played some games before our big performance to the parents at the end. Everyone had great fun playing the games, and it was nice to relax and have fun all together. We then brought the cake out and sang Lila Happy Birthday, with a big cheer at the end! Party bags were given out, and then it was time to give the parents a performance of what the kids had been working for and a chance to for them to film the routine. Everyone gave Lila a big cheer hug at the end.

The parents were very impressed with what their little ones had achieved in just a few hours.

Lila has decided she wants to be a competitive cheerleader now, Go Lila!

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