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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

They came, they saw, they cheered!

13 hens made their way to the Waldorf Hotel DW Fitness studio enjoy a cheer session as part of their hen party day. They've just come from an amazing brunch and we're worried they wouldn't be able to move.

But these worries were quickly gone once Amona opened her big bag full of sparkly pom-poms! Everyone suddenly got excited and jumped across the room. We were ready to go!

We started of with a little warm up to get prepared for the cheer fun ahead.

The organiser hen Emma us requested "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift for the bride to be Martine and the rest of the hens. Soon we were in the middle of learning fun moves and friend out a great dance choreography.

By the end of it, the group performed the whole dance, pictures were taken and the hen also rocked a thigh stunt!

I can only say BRAVO to these amazing ladies and what they've learned in such a short time. It looked like everyone had a blast and the recording plus loads of pictures will surely be a great memory, which they might share with other at the wedding in September ;)

I had a great afternoon teaching and wish them all the best!!!

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