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50s theme Hen Party....what a fun ladies!

When Daniel and I stepped in the dance studio in Covent Garden in London, to find 20 girls all gear up in their best 50s dresses, we knew we would have had anmazing DANCE PARTY SESSION!

Jen, the bride to be, is having a 50s theme Wedding at the end of October so Hannah - one of the bridesmaids- suggested a Jive Dance sessions for them all....what a choice! A long playlist of boogie woogie, Rock nd Roll and Jive music entertained all the ladies on the dance floor.

Half of them had to be leaders, obvioulsy, and that was a great fun! At the beginning no one wnated to experience being a leaders as it is slighlty more difficult but at the end of the sessiosn they all loved it! We had 9 brilliant couples of women dancing an easy version of Jive on teh best 50s music.

They all learnt several steps and variation, and we linked them together in a lovely routine on the MARTHA REVVES "HEATWAVE" song.

They are going to perfom this fantasttic choreo at the Wedding as soon as Jen and her groom have done their first dance; all the girls will jump on the dance floor and 5,6,7 & 8 everyoen will be dancing on this great track.

Well done ladies and bring back the 50s style!!!! What a fun time and thebest msuic made ever ;-)

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