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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

Shaking our thing to Taylor and Kylie!

When I heard that this hen party had requested cheerleading/dance routines to the pop diva classics of 'Shake it off' and 'Can't get you out of my head' I knew I'd be working with a great crowd and couldn't wait to get choreographing! We were clearly all eagerly anticipating the class as both myself and the party arrived early. I was pleasantly surprised when two men walked into the studio and I realised we'd have some male cheerleaders amongst us! Sadly the boys were unprepared and hadn't brought a change of clothes, unlike the ladies, but they joined in regardless. We kicked off with a quick how-to of cheerleading arm motions to get familiar with our pom poms. A brilliant game of Stuck in the Cheer mud got us into the swing of things, with lots of laughter had by all. After all that running around we got even more sweaty as we warmed-up learning the 4 moves that would make up our Shake it off chorus. The group picked it up super quick and were ready to speed up the moves to the actual track and add a little formation change. The verse choreography was mastered just as quickly and we soon had half of the song down with some excellent freestyle moves thrown in. We added a stunning kickline with some show stopping can-can action and the routine was almost complete. Time for a well-earned CAKE BREAK! We got warm again with a fun game of Chicken in a hen house - like musical statues but each statue has to be a particular lift with your partner - to get us ready to give a few lifts a go! The boys really came in handy at this point! We finished Shake it off with an accomplished thigh stand with Gerladine, our Hen, as our flyer. We quickly moved onto the fabulous Kylie Minogue track, taking inspiration from the famous music video for our choreography. We added a showgirl circle around our glamorously free styling Hen and polished off our second routine with a side lift (as pictured). After all that moving and shaking I think the party will have earned a few extra cocktails that evening! All the best to Geraldine for her wedding and thank you to the whole bunch for really throwing themselves, quite literally into the activity!

Best, Eleanor

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