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London Choreographer



Originally from Italy, Paola started dancing when she was 6 years old. She started her training in Ballroom and Boogie Woogie / Rock'nd Roll styles doing competitions all around Italy. At the age of 14, she decided to concentrate on Jazz and Ballet at the main Dance School in her home town, Bologna.


In her 20's she moved to Rome to start her career as a professional dancer, where she worked for some of the best Italian Choreographers (such as Luca Tommassini, Mauro Mosconi, Manolo Casalino, Franco Miseria, Bill Goodson) and Italian celebrities ( the likes of Claudio Baglioni, Enrico Montesano, Luisa Corna, Gigi Sabani, Senit, amongst many others).


Later Paola made the decision to further her career and expand her horizon by moving to London where she worked as a dancer for Gabrielle, Kayne West, Ashely Wallen, Hege Okstad, Leona Lewis, Hugh Grant & Meryl Streep and many more.


As a Choreographer, she has choreographed for films, TV commercials, music videos, corporate events, private parties, TV shows, and live concerts. Her main strength is her versatility and technical dancer/choreography skills. Areas of expertise include technical and lyrical Jazz, Modern, House Dance, Street Dance, Latin  & Salsa, House, 50's styles  (Jive/Boogie Woggie & Rock and Roll) Tap.

J. Zoo


With 15+ years of experience in cheerleading education, production, and entertainment - Jessica Zoo is an award-winning talent management, producer, and international cheer industry expert. Jessica loves her 'Zoo' - founded in 2008, which gave origin to her stage name


Jessica Zoo is the founder of ZR London Dance Co and the mastermind behind our CheerConditioning.Academy which includes the CHEER PRO Dance Fitness program, choreographed by her.


Jessica is known for her unique style of professional cheerleading and creative fitness choreography (as well as her constant quest for technical perfection) her routines have been awarded National Champion & Grand Championship titles.​

Coaching since 2006, and the past 10 years has allowed her to work internationally in  London, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Sydney, and Cape Town - as well as developing and training cheer coaches all over the world through the CheerConditioning.Academy. Some of her credits include:

  • H&M - Happy Merry Christmas Advertising Campaign

  • Philipp Plein - Milan Fashion Show

  • Joe & Caspar Hit the Road USA - Premiere

  • Maties Cheerleaders - Varsity League Entertainment 

  • Manchester City FC - Stage Entertainment 

  • MTV Ident - Performance & Casting

  • Coke TV - Casting - Team Performance

  • Bad Bridesmaids - ITV - Guest Instructor 

  • I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance - Choreographer - Performer 

  • Real Life - Molly Beanland - Music Video - Choreographer, Casting

  • BT Sport - Special Guest - Team Performance

  • Because I Know That I Can - Andy Burrows - Music Video 


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