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Wedding Dance


Whether you want to choreograph your first wedding dance worthy of a Strictly Come Dancing final, or just want to do some damage control and learn how to glide across the dance floor without stepping on your partner's toes, Zoo Riot is here to help!


WHAT HAPPENS in your private class?

Our teachers will work with you to create your unique choreography based on your level of dance, song choices, and style. Please bring one or a selection of song choices which you would like to use, and your instructor will help you to pick the perfect song. You can bring your music on an iPod or iPad. After your first lesson, you can discuss with your instructor about booking additional classes. As a guideline, 

Hourly rates - Home call
£60.00 - First class
£55.00 - All other classes thereafter

The above rates are calculated within a walking distance to local transportation. Additional fees may apply if your location is more difficult to reach. Please note that all home calls require a minimum of a1.5 hour booking.

Hourly rates - With Studio
£75.00 - First class
£70.00 - All other classes thereafter

Please note that if you require a larger studio or in a prime London location, this may incur an additional fee (typically £10- £25 extra per hour)

You can choose anything you want! From the romantic, spiritual, classic, or even a bit fun. You can choose your song in advance or speak

What song do I need to use?
Your teacher in your first class. You don't have to have a song picked before your first lesson, and you can always look at these Top Wedding Dance Songs for a bit of inspiration!

How long will I need?
The trial class is suitable for everyone, and the instructor will work with you to cover the basic steps you may want to use for your first dance. Please note that if you are planning to dance to an entire song, you will need to book more than one class.


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