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Burlesque Hen Party in West London

This Saturday I travelled to Richmond to teach a burlesque party for hen Micha and her 9 lovely friends and bridesmaids. They arrived in a storm of feather boas, high heels and hold up stockings (oh and Prosecco!)

The hen was given a sexy Moulin Rouge inspired outfit by her maid of honour and once dressed we were ready to start. I began by letting them each choose a burlesque name - their alter ego for the day. The sexy burlesque names definitely got the girls in the mood and they were all eager to start learning how to harness their inner goddesses!

We started with a warm up to 'Show Me How to Burlesque' which got everyone's hips and shoulders loose and ready to shake and shimmy! Next we learnt how to peel off silk gloves both with the teeth (their favourite!) and hands. We then moved to sliding stockings off both standing up and lying down (trickier but much more fun!) Lastly we 'fanned' about with some small feather fans, experimenting with different moves. Once all my lovely ladies had mastered these Burlesque basics we were ready to learn the routine.

For the next hour the hen AKA Foxy Velvet and her fellow Burlesque beauties put their newly learnt skills to the test in a routine choreographed to Jesse J's 'Sexy Silk'. I was thrilled to see they not only learnt the moves quickly, but they needed no encouragement to make sexy faces and noises! We went through each move and talked about the intent and movement quality and different expressions to use and by the end they were performing the routine like pros! The day ended with lots of photos with all the props. It was great to see all the ladies getting involved, leaving their inhibitions aside and having a great laugh. A few even said they may take some lessons, so you never know we may have a few more Burlesque artist on the scene soon!

Woh ladies!! well done! x

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