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Party in the garden

Party in the Garden

Jade and her hens had hired out a big farmhouse for their hen-do and seen as it was such a nice day we decided to take the cheerleading class outside into the garden.

We got introduced to our pom-poms with a cheerobics warm up and some stretches to get the body ready for all the acrobatics to come. Then we learnt the 8 basic cheerleading arm motions and played a very competitive boat race with them.

Next we tried out some cheerleading stunts in groups including a queen lift, thigh stand and hang drill. We played the partner stunt game 'chicken in a hen house' - a bit like musical statues but with amusingly named partner lifts. Time for a quick break to get a drink after all that thirsty work in the sunshine.

Back to the pom poms and we learnt a chant for Jade complete with arm motions and end position before very successfully learning a professional pom dance routine to 'Party in the USA'. Finally we filmed the chant and routine and got snaps of all the best lifts in the beautiful sunshine.

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