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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

The Time of our lives

We were so excited to relive one of our all time favourite films to surprise the hen on her Dirty Dancing themed dance party.

After revealing the t-shirts and full Baby outfit for the hen complete with wig, pink dress and Johnny's leather jacket we warmed up using ideas taken from different scenes of the film. We learnt merengue moves, shook our maracas and did the conga as the Housens did in the gazebo on arrival to Kellermans. Next we learnt the hand jive and the twist to 'Do you love me' as Baby watched in awe at the staff party dancing, having carried a watermelon. When 'Love man' came on it was time to teach the ladies how to move their hips in isolation - as Johnny did.

After a quick break we had fun playing partner dance game 'Flirty Disco' to 'Overload' and then split into 'Baby's and 'Johnny's to grasp the basic mambo steps - stepping on the 2 of course. We tried out our new moves to 'Hungry Eyes' before practicing a partner lift and the famous lift in the lake with the hen as Baby and a group of us combining strengths to be Johnny. We put some of the steps and lifts that we'd learnt and a few new ones together to create the final dance to the classic 'The time of my life'!


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