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80's Hen hardly go wrong!

Jane's 80's themed hen party kicked off in a flash of neon colours on Saturday the 11th of April 2.30pm in Summertown, Oxford. I was testing the music system by playing some of the 80's playlist I had prepared when all the girls burst into the studio and instantly started dancing, singing and laughing. I knew we were going to have fun!!!

Everyone had gone to town on their costumes and these included: high leg leotards, neon tutus, leg warmers, fishnets, sweat bands, off-the-shoulder numbers and fab crazy hair. At this point it was announced that whatever I taught them today would be performed at the wedding reception so, aside from having fun, the girls were determined to knuckle down and get a great routine together.

Their chosen track was PUSH IT by Salt n Pepa so I had choreographed an 80's hip hop inspired routine to fit the song. Plenty of attitude, a handful of shapes and a healthy dose of 'robot'!

I spent 15 mins on the warm-up, isolations and stretching, all the time encouraging them to bring out their inner 'sassyness'. Then we began the big PUSH IT routine....

When the track began I got them to mill about the room chatting and then gradually start to do some stretches and limbering becoming more and more over the top. "Lunge it baby!" Then with their musical cue they moved into a pyramid formation with the bride-to-be heading the formation. We were going for a kind of flash mob feel. This is where the choreography began and we spent a good chunk of the session working on this. I went through each move slowly and one step at time the gang pieces the routine together. They had amazing concentration powers but somehow still were able to have a real laugh and never took themselves too seriously. They even threw themselves into the 'freestyle robot' section which I loved them for! Who doesn't love a bit of freestyle robot. Even Jane admitted it wouldn't be right without it!

Once they had learned all the choreography I let them have a break but after about 5 minutes they were ready and raring to go! They were keen to get as much practice in as possible before performing it at Jane's big day.

After their break I split the group into two and tasked each group to choreograph a 'dance-off' routine. They were a bit nervous at first but soon got into it and ended up creating some great stuff..... And had a good giggle at the same time!

We added the dance-off to the routine and then repeated my choreography to take it to the end of the track and then the practiced.... And practiced... And practiced! Those girls worked so hard and the end result was fantastic. I just wish I was there on the big day to see them performing it!

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