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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

Hips and Hens!

Bank Holiday Latin vibe guys!!!!

Thanks to Mirele and the girls for being so willing to dance with me, I had great fun leading this Latin style hen party. We started off with a partner swapping dance game I like to call 'Flirty Disco' using some tango steps and some interlocking arm movements before spinning your partner round and moving onto your next partner, who you've been eyeing up across the room. After the quick warm up game we moved on to learn some salsa steps - forwards, backwards, sideways and turning - starting to loosen up those hips and getting used to the Latin rhythm. Then it was merengue time, using the famous track from Dirty Dancing, we got familiar with twisting marches, mambo chases and a variety of side steps with all kinds of different hip movements that we didn't even know our hips could do! Using all these steps we learnt, and adding a few more party moves like the samba basic, body ripples and shoulder shimmys, we learnt a whole routine to Samba do Brasil. There were some great poses on the intro and the energy was fantastic throughout and some of us got very into the shimmying of various body parts! To finish off we did a lift with the hen and filmed our routine before a quick stretch after all that leg work! Great job ladies!


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