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"Cow Girlsssss" on the dance Manchester!

From the moment I heard "line dancing themed hen party" I was excited! I went through a list of country hits, then remembered an old time favourite that everyone was sure to love, or at least know; 9-5 by the legendary Dolly Parton! I wanted it to be a real production number, like a scene from a musical, not just a routine! Meeting the hens at the excellently located studio 25, I was very glad we had the big studio! There were so many of them, they all said this was because the bride was so popular and had so many friends... Awww I knew I was in great company! We set off with our country themed warm up; plenty of hip shaking and lassoing! The ladies were great, even on such a hot day, everyone joined in and we all laughed our way through! Then we moved on to a short sequence to get into the style, the American favourite "electric slide" to "Candy". I noticed how well everyone picked the moves up and was very impressed! On to the grand finale: there were 2 sections to the routine so we learnt the chorus first, then the verse. Again, everyone really impressed me with their ability to pick up choreography (something tells me they've done line dancing before!) Some of them said its because they liked the song! (Yess) We then pieced the whole thing together, with a beginning, set positions and staging, verse, chorus, a bit of theatrical improv and then finished with a repeat verse and chorus! Those girls really worked up an appetite for cocktails!! I overheard somebody say they'd be requesting 9-5 at the wedding reception! I do hope they break out into a line dance! And wish them all a lovely time at the wedding and the bride many happy returns!

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Dance Hen Party
Managing Director
Paola has been working with Zoo since 2009 and has been an integral part of the Zoo “machine”. Now as our Managing Director, Paola sits in the driver's seat at Zoo and specialises in choreography for productions, TV, Film & events. She started dancing age 6 competing in rock’nd’roll & boogie woogie styles. She studied ballet and jazz before becoming a professional dancer and choreographer in Rome, then in London.
Cheer Coach
Shanique is the Head Coach for ZR Cheerleaders and teaches our workshops. Having been cheerleading since 2008, she started at Kingston University where she gained her BA Degree in Dance. She has a cheer coaching qualification and has coached from minis to university teams, taught cheer and dance classes in local schools, been a competitive cheer athlete at Unity Allstars. She has also been a part of Zoo for many years, competing with the pom dance team and performing at events.
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Our professional team of dancers at Zoo Riot have a wealth of experience, technique sprinkled with that extra Zoo magic! Available for performances, events and media productions - explore our dancers profiles!
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The ZR Crew is made up of Zoo Riot members who have been with Zoo for 1 year or more, or who come from a professional dance background. Everyone on the ZR Crew has a small role to help the running of our dance club, to take care of our community of members, but also to teach parties, manage events and think of fun things for Zoo to do!
Jessica is the founder and owner of ZR London Dance Company and is also the mastermind behind CheerConditioning.Academy - our cheerleading fitness online platform for the international cheer community.
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