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@ Zoo Riot London Dance Co.

Nothing better than a LINE DANCING session for a team building party !

Team Building parties are always my favourite! You walk in and see the people still behave as if they are still in the office. But then, it takes 5 minutes and a bit of music to make them feel at cosy and make them having a great fun!

Line Dancing theme is the best one to make sure everyone is involved and interact with each other; there a re a lots of dances you cnachose from: a simpmy and easy coutnry roytine facing the fron, then you can take thsi aourn the room or you cnamake line swapping and partner changing in a cirlce.

The result is a room full of people laughing and having a great time with each other. Everyone will dance with every collegues in the room and this is what TEAM BUILDING is about! MAke teh whole group feel like a small family!

We achieved exactly this after an hour and a half of Line dancing rouintes with the staff at comapny!

It has been one of my fav party so far and each of you just made me laugh all very so friendly and easy to teach to!

Great job guys......yiiiiiiah!

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