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Cheerleading Stag Party

Hang on, did you say STAG cheerleading party!? Well of course - it's not just the sigle ladies who can have all the cheerleading fun, and today proved us that the men can also have the moves! Today the team at Lola staffing surprised one of their valued team-members and challenged him to learn a cheerleading routine and perform it with our cheerleaders... in full costume, while they were all watching! We were very impressed by his effort and surprisingly high kicks!

Stag dos don't always have to be about booze, pain and grit! If you want to give your stag a proper send-off, then why not dress him up in a totally inappropriate costume and push him out of his comfort zone with a dance party? There will be photos to remember forever, and most importantly it will be something you can share with the whole family without getting into too much trouble!

We have a number of stag party themes to include: Abba, Thriller, 80s, HipHop, Cabaret and SINGLE LADIES!

All of the themed stag dance parties available are available in two formats : Active Dance Stag Party: This format is for the brave stags: you share the experience with your stag by being right in the middle of the action. A dance teacher will be teaching you the steps, but you will be the ones performing!

Spectator Stag Party: In this format, you will be able to hire a group of professional dancers or cheerleaders, and put your stag centre-stage of the action while you watch him battle it out with the pros. Of course, you are welcome to join in at any time too!

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Managing Director
Paola has been working with Zoo since 2009 and has been an integral part of the Zoo “machine”. Now as our Managing Director, Paola sits in the driver's seat at Zoo and specialises in choreography for productions, TV, Film & events. She started dancing age 6 competing in rock’nd’roll & boogie woogie styles. She studied ballet and jazz before becoming a professional dancer and choreographer in Rome, then in London.
Cheer Coach
Shanique is the Head Coach for ZR Cheerleaders and teaches our workshops. Having been cheerleading since 2008, she started at Kingston University where she gained her BA Degree in Dance. She has a cheer coaching qualification and has coached from minis to university teams, taught cheer and dance classes in local schools, been a competitive cheer athlete at Unity Allstars. She has also been a part of Zoo for many years, competing with the pom dance team and performing at events.
Meet Our Dancers
Our professional team of dancers at Zoo Riot have a wealth of experience, technique sprinkled with that extra Zoo magic! Available for performances, events and media productions - explore our dancers profiles!
The ZR Crew
The ZR Crew is made up of Zoo Riot members who have been with Zoo for 1 year or more, or who come from a professional dance background. Everyone on the ZR Crew has a small role to help the running of our dance club, to take care of our community of members, but also to teach parties, manage events and think of fun things for Zoo to do!
Jessica is the founder and owner of ZR London Dance Company and is also the mastermind behind CheerConditioning.Academy - our cheerleading fitness online platform for the international cheer community.
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