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How to Plan a Dance Party

Plan a Dance Party

So, you're planning a dance party - whether you're on a budget or willing to splurge, here are some top tips to plan the dance party of your dreams! Follow these simple steps, you can always get friends and family to help - and if you need some help to get this done, please feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to help!

Before You Start

You are going to collect a lot of ideas, images, links etc as you go along.. So make sure that you get yourself a good system to collect this information, budgets etc... You could use Excel, or some more fun free softwares such as Pinterest, Evernote or Moodboard for iPad.

Plan a Dance Party

1) Choose Your Theme

Before you choose your theme, think of who the party is for and the occasion. Is it formal? For a hen do? For children? Or maybe work colleagues? Make sure that your theme is going to have everyone getting involved, without feeling too uncomfortable.

There are lots of themes and styles you can choose from, and music eras to explore!! It's always a good idea to narrow it down to a few themes, and then ask a few people for their opinion of what they would enjoy the most. Remember that you will need to think about decorations, music and costumes.

Plan a Dance Party